European Desk

Our firm puts its expertise and network at the service of its clients who are seeking an EU financial contribution for the realization of their project.

This service is open to individuals, companies, and public authorities with a development objective.

The European Union budget already supports millions of legal and private persons: companies, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, students, researchers, cities, and regions

This support takes different forms, the main ones being :

  • funding programs managed directly by the EU
  • programs funded by the EU and implemented by Member States
  • EU calls for tender under public procurement procedures
  • calls for projects launched by the EU
  • grants

We offer our services as consultants and legal experts.

Our consultancy activity consists in helping you to find funding and to present your project to the EU services.

Our legal expertise is at your disposal :

  • to check the eligibility of your project for European funding
  • in the framework of public procurement procedures
  • in the context of any litigation