When our clients face a dispute, our first service offering is mediation.

Inspired by the American experience, mediation is becoming the instrument of dynamic justice in Europe.

We offer mediation to both individuals and companies.

Why do we do it?

Mediation is an alternative to the judicial resolution of a dispute.

It is provided for by law and offers two main advantages.

The first advantage is that it allows for a rapid solution to the conflict.

The second advantage is to find a solution that does not depend on a judge's appreciation.

This solution results from the dialogue organized by the mediator.

How can this be done?

The implementation of mediation is based on the agreement of the parties (voluntary mediation) or the decision of a judge (judicial mediation).

In both cases, mediation is a process based on three main steps.

First step: : the mediated parties are brought together and have the opportunity to present their positions.

Second step: : the mediator invites the mediated parties to determine what they want to achieve and what they are willing to concede.

This stage includes, if necessary, individual meetings between the mediator and each of the parties concerned.

Third step: : under the supervision of a mediator, the parties are invited to negotiate an agreement.

The intervention of our firm

We can :

  • at your request, assist you as legal advisorsin the mediation process
  • at the request of a Court or the parties, act as lawyer-mediators

Our firm's network also allows us to offer you :

  • the intervention of an expert co-mediator (doctor, psychologist, architect, engineer, accountant) if the technical nature of the dispute so requires
  • the intervention of lawyers with specific language skills if the international or multicultural context of the dispute requires this
  • an intervention in Belgium and abroad

The cost of mediation

Mediation saves time and the costs of legal proceedings, which can take months or even years.

The cost of mediation must be assessed on the basis of the subject of the dispute.

Our fees are agreed with our clients in an initial meeting.